Welcome to SiTARA Consulting

Organizations are continually reviewing their business practices, efficiencies, non-core activities and strategic relationships in order to remain or become competitive globally. This has resulted in a continuous change management program with a significant demand for qualitative leadership skills in managing their resources as to meet these challenges.

SiTARA Consulting  is best situated to provide a full turnkey solution to organizations evolving through these processes in providing specialised skill and resources.


Our Vision

To provide sustainable business solutions that makes organisations function at an optimal level.

Our Mission

To be a leader in process innovation and performance through provision of skills and development solutions.

Our Values

SiTARA Consulting will achieve this mission through its sustained good work ethic, quality in service and product, professionalism and delivery.


SiTARA's customer base encompasses business and non-business organisations, such as parastatals, government institutions and departments, employer organisations and trade unions.

SiTARA provides its services and products by utilizing its professional skills and intellectual capital, and combines this with a culturally integrated approach that constitutes a brand of strategic consulting capabilities.

Services performed by the company include the following:

  • Consultation with the client to determine the nature and scope of the need for a strategic intervention or performance objectives;
  • Assessment and quantification of organisation’s related risks and impact thereof prior to interventions
  • Development of intervention programmes and continuation plans that addresses these risks.
  • Analysis in support of regulatory and legal processes.
  • Advice on employee retention strategies post interventions.

In this way, the company’s consulting and management services involve determining solutions to the client challenges, as well as support in locating opportunities and improving performance with proactive intervention strategies

An integrated and holistic approach

An integrated and holistic approach enables SITARA to focus and provide expertise on a wide range of disciplines required to facilitate business transformation and growth through meaningful co-determination in managing complex organisational, cultural and regulatory issues.